“Boring” Jameson Locke – Finding Myself in Fiction: The Good

About the series: Finding Myself in Fiction

There were two characters that inspired me to start this series, one of whom I’ve already written about on Eleven-ThirtyEight, about a minor Star Wars character. Around the same time I was writing that piece, I was asked to respond to the critique of Halo’s Jameson Locke as a “boring” character.

“What do you say to the arguments that Locke is boring because he’s extremely ‘by-the-books’ with no distinguishable opinion of his own, and because he’s so good natured – there’s no weakness of his to develop from and therefore no ground for the audience to attach to him?”

My usual response would be to start quoting canon, pointing out the places that Halo’s storytelling gives him depth. But in the end, my response turned wholly personal, an exploration of what Jameson Locke meant to me.

As such, it only seemed fitting that my first true post in the series Finding Myself in Fiction: The Good, the Ugly, and the Divine would fall to Jameson Locke.

Modern parables do exist. And here is why Halo’s Jameson Locke is one of mine: Continue reading

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War for the Planet of the Apes Rewatch

Hot damn but what a film.

It combines a western-style revenge tale with a POW-escape film, couched in the weight of a biblical epic, all wrapped up in the trappings of science fiction. It looks like Lord of the Rings and breathes like a Miyazaki film.

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#SWRepMatters: Mental Health

Content warning for discussion of suicide

This was originally going to be a part of “Twin Suns” series, but with #SWRepMatters trending, I felt it was appropriate as its own piece: a conversation-starter regarding the representation of mental disabilities/mental illness in Star Wars.


The Issue

As I have been working on my close read of the Star Wars Rebels episode “Twin Suns,” I have been skirting around using certain language. In part one, I talked about the mask Maul slips over his “obsession.” In all parts, I have mentioned a regression of his “state.” However, as I near a particular scene, which will prompt me to talk in-depth about The Clone Wars episode “Brothers,” there is something that I cannot avoid.


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A Close Read of Star Wars Rebels: “Twin Suns” – Part 3 – Departure & Arrival

In between my final edits of Part 2 and the outlining of Part 3 here, Star Wars Rebels Season 3 came out on Blu-Ray, which meant we got “Twin Suns” commentary by Dave Filoni himself. In that commentary, Filoni expands on a cut scene that leads into our next scene on the Atollon airfield.

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The Star Trek Episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars

“Voyage of Temptation” is the most Star Trek I’ve seen in Star Wars.

Granted, Trek and Wars are always going to be borrowing from each other; they’re the two biggest science fiction franchises out there, and there are plenty of other moments and stories in both that I can notice similar themes and do some comparing and contrasting. But with “Voyage of Temptation,” it’s not just the subject matter but also the execution of it that makes it feel like an episode right out of the Original Series.

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A Close Read of Star Wars Rebels: “Twin Suns” – Part 2 – Atollon

Part 2 – Atollon

At the beginning of the episode, the use of Maul’s POV established him as a primary viewpoint character. Now with another sight-based shot – an extreme close-up of Ezra’s eye opening – the status of viewpoint character is passed to the young Jedi.

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A Close Read of Star Wars Rebels: “Twin Suns” – Part 1 – Cold Open


The best stories are the ones that encourage exploration.

Exploration of stories takes many forms: fan art, fanfic, cosplay, discussions, celebrations, make-believe play, or ridiculously long essays. Sometimes the exploration is a conscious act, something actively pursued. Sometimes it’s a journey you don’t realize you had until you look back on your steps.

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