[Son] James was Almost

[Son] James had been planned right up until the moment of birth

But names change; this son was destined for a different first

one that made a laughable implication of [Son] James

And so [Son] James flitted to the floor, discarded as the family moved on

Another son was Almost

Parents had been planning right up until the moment of birth

But plans change; these parents prayed for a different gender

one that made them laugh at implications and stereotypes

And so the child was declared Abigail [Daughter] as the family moved on


Abigail [Daughter] returned many times to [Son] James

to laugh at the Almosts they both were

Almost a part of family

Almost the right gender

But plans change

As do names

And eventually, the two Almosts became Whole

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Mama, Why Were All The Old Ships Called “She”? – SciFi FlashFiction

Title Card: "Mama, Why Were All The Old Ships Called 'She'?" by Abigail James Dillon.
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The New Jim Crow – I want this taught in high schools

I am in such awe of Michelle Alexander.

Her book The New Jim Crow – beloved and recommended across the board by civil rights activists – provides cutting research and insight into how mass incarceration and The War of Drugs targets black and brown people (especially men) and creates a new racial caste. It picks apart historical events, criminal justice concepts, law and government, and somehow makes it all accessible to a layperson like myself.

Good heavens, I want this taught in high schools so badly.

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The Adventure Zone: Graduation Episode 1 – THE REVIEW ZONE

Class is in session!

A new adventure has reached the zone! The Adventure Zone: Graduation (TAZ:G) dropped its first episode – “Orientation” – earlier this week. This will be my first time that I am not playing any degree of catch-up with a season of TAZ, and Graduation managed to steal my heart instantly, and I eagerly wish to convince my friends and readers to join the adventure!

Strap in folks – it’s time for THE REVIEW ZONE!

THE REVIEW ZONE is strictly focused on reviewing episodes of TAZ:G as they release. I will do my best to avoid spoiling any major twists in the previous stories of Balance and Amnesty. These reviews will be broken up into the followed categories:

  • Concept – How good are the IDEAS presented by the episode?
  • Execution – How good is the EXECUTION of the ideas?
  • Characters – How did the player characters develop over the course of the episode?
  • Noteworthy – What deserves a salute or a pbbttt?
  • Final Grade – Hey, it’s a magical school show. You bet I’m using this!

Want to LISTEN TO THE EPISODE before reading?

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“Won’t You Help Me?” – Horror FlashFiction and a SciFi FlashEssay

“Won’t you help me?”

The voice quavered. It was as desperate as the trembling hand that was raised, palm-up, towards Jacob.

“Of course I will,” he said softly, reaching down. The fingertips of the woman suddenly snatched themselves out of reach.

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Nerves and Two Strikes – a #SWRepMatters Post

One year ago, I didn’t think I’d be participating in a mental health day of #SWRepMatters as anything other than an ally. However, last August hit with the realization that I’ve been living with unaddressed childhood trauma. In the course of unpacking it, I’ve been struck by how formative Star Wars has been to my survival, recognition, and recovery.

Content warning for mention of suicide ideation.

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Contact Harvest – FROM THE ARCHIVES

Reposted without edits, save navigational issues.

Review and analysis of Contact Harvest by Joseph Staten

Through a misunderstanding of their scriptures, the Covenant discover humanity and view them with ill intent. A barely-trained militia and two marines are the only things that stand between the civilians of the colony Harvest and the imminent alien invasion.

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Deez Feels (Arbiter Watch) – FROM THE ARCHIVES

Reposted without edits, save navigational issues.

Partner piece to Contact Harvest review and analysis.

You know what? This is not going to be the usual analytical Arbiter Watch. This is just me exploding into feels about Johnson and Thel.

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On Your Left – Sam Wilson’s Legacy in Avengers Endgame.

Movie’s been out for a while now, but here’s your courtesy warning. Spoilers below the cut.

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Siege of Mandalore and Speculations of Maul

I’m not sure there’s been a Star Wars story to date that I’ve been anticipating as much (or for as long) as the Siege of Mandalore. I’ve certainly had my share of hype over the movies, and while “Twin Suns” has since been, well, “Twin Suns,” the anticipation leading up to that episode was miniscule compared to the aftermath. One major assumption I’ve carried over these years is that the story of the Siege would focus on Rex and Ahsoka. In contrast, Maul probably wouldn’t have much character development, being there to primarily be the threatening antagonist like he was in The Phantom Menace.

Even though Maul has since become my favorite character, I was okay with that. I already got my “Twin Suns,” and, after all, Maul lives in a cycle. Gaining power, losing power, and clawing his way back up the food chain. It’s a cycle that he’s still on in Rebels. It’s a cycle that he dies in. So I assumed that Mandalore would simply be another rotation, Maul spinning the wheels on his own character development.

Then Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 happened, and I was physically in the same room when this bombshell went off.

“Honestly, [The Siege of Mandalore is] my favorite stuff that we’ve ever done as the character… [Maul] hasn’t been able to think or see his way out of this horrible, evil cycle that he’s found himself in. And what I found most interesting about this arc, is for a second, he actually tries to think his way out of it. He actually tries something different that he’s never tried before or since. And we see how that goes.” – Sam Witwer

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