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The Last Jedi and Living to See the Dawn – Finding Myself in Fiction: The Divine

About the series: Finding Myself in Fiction This movie connected with me on innumerable levels, and it’s safe to say that The Last Jedi is my favorite film in the Star Wars franchise. We can, of course, talk about the … Continue reading

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A Close Read of Star Wars Rebels: “Twin Suns” – Part 4 – Tatooine

All Close Read Entries JUST… BREATHE In our last installment, we left off with an in-depth discussion about The Hero’s Journey and a touch of Force theory, and a lot of the past three installments have been analyzing parallels to … Continue reading

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A Story is Like a Database

Transcript below the break.

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If Jane Austen Wrote The Empire Strikes Back

He dueled him for many a long minute, and then trapping him at the end of a gantry, removed his hand from his wrist. Luke was surprised, but said not a word beyond his cry of pain. After a silence … Continue reading

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