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To the Dead, Dignity – Sci Fi Flash Fiction

Nau had, today, died with her eyes open. Many years ago, when our journey was new and Sol’s light was merely old, we used to honor our dead. An acknowledgement of Earth’s pilgrims who gave up their home to seek … Continue reading

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A Close Read of Star Wars Rebels “Twin Suns” – Part 5 – Fireside Chats

All Close Read Entries HE’S KIND OF A STRANGE OLD HERMIT “I think [sound design] adds so much to your storytelling,” Dave Filoni said in the “Twin Suns” audio commentary, “so I devised these cuts so that we’re going from … Continue reading

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District 9: Family, Waiting

This was originally written for the online magazine Christ and Pop Culture. My second draft, and the one published by CAPC, was different enough that I now had two, stand-alone articles on District 9. You can read the CAPC article here. You’ll miss it without subtitles, … Continue reading

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