I’m Particular about My Bennets: A Brief Reflection on a Few Adaptations of Elizabeth from Pride & Prejudice

My litmus test for any adaptation of Pride & Prejudice essentially boils down to the scene where Mr. Darcy slights Lizzie. How the writers of the adaptation chose to make her respond pretty much establishes how well they know the character of Elizabeth Bennet.

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Framing a Lightsaber Battle: A Brief, Close Read of the Cinematography of “Twin Suns”

Three seconds. Star Wars: Rebels told us a story and gave us a twist ending in three seconds primarily through staging and cinematography.

“Twin Suns” spoilers ahead.

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Emotional Attachments: A Character Analysis of Obi-Wan and Maul

A while back there was an analysis on Maul from Tumblr user scribbleymark, about how Maul is a sympathetic villain because he genuinely cares about certain individuals. This analysis has stayed with me throughout my watch of Star Wars: Rebels and influenced my understanding of the duel between Obi-Wan and Maul in the latest episode “Twin Suns.”

Spoilers beneath the cut.

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New Page on Dillon Development!

A while ago, I had begun working on a “list essay” to submit to a magazine.

Essentially, the submission needed to be a creative non-fiction piece told through some sort of list. As a student of library science, I decided to create a reading program with events, books, all that jazz

Unfortunately, I missed the deadline, and the essay was lost to sea of writing projects on my computer.

I recently rediscovered it and decided I actually really liked it, and I didn’t want to see it remain incomplete. I finished it, and in lieu of a magazine providing context for the existence of this tongue-in-cheek, autobiographical reading program, I created a quasi-creepypasta framework story:

The Committee for Individualized Reader Development is dedicated to creating unique programs for each potential reader’s needs and interests, as well as tracking the progress of each participant as they grow in their consumption of fiction and non-fiction books alike. 

The Committee does not allow children or their families to “opt out” of their programs. They are as inescapable as they are beneficial. Under our guidance, the world will be literate.

The full framework story and the list essay can be found its own page.

Doodle Blogging

Upkeeping a blog can be stressful (I say on the blog that gets the least of my attention). Heck, writing is stressful, even if you love it. Even if you love the subject matter. Being aware of the craft of writing means that you are second-guessing your word choices, that the smallest typo will haunt your waking moments, that sleep will elude you for the sake of lethologica –

the inability to remember a word or put your finger on the right word

– and desks will be flipped for the sake of research roadblocks. If you’re a freelancer, this goes double. Views, comments, likes, and reblogs become measures of success which can determine if you’re able to snag a contributor position on a site or gather Patreon supporters (shameless plug). Exposure becomes your lifeblood and suddenly timing and topical seasons are everything in order to get your pieces circulating. A source of joy becomes a source of stress.

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Mowgli’s Heroism: A Rebuttal to MAN(Cub) OF STEEL

The Jungle Book’s climax was certainly one of mass destruction. One that Andrew Todd of Birth.Movies.Death. found to be frustratingly similar to Man of Steel’s.

[I]t’s incredible to me, so soon after that film’s release, that more people apparently haven’t made the connection between Man of Steel’s D—head Superman and The Jungle Book’s D—head Mowgli. – THE JUNGLE BOOK Has A MAN(Cub) OF STEEL Problem

I respectfully disagree that there is a connection to make.

Spoilers Ahead

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