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On Your Left – Sam Wilson’s Legacy in Avengers Endgame.

Movie’s been out for a while now, but here’s your courtesy warning. Spoilers below the cut. Advertisements

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Siege of Mandalore and Speculations of Maul

I’m not sure there’s been a Star Wars story to date that I’ve been anticipating as much (or for as long) as the Siege of Mandalore. I’ve certainly had my share of hype over the movies, and while “Twin Suns” … Continue reading

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#SWRepMatters: Women and Romance

Today, the community-driven campaign of Star Wars Representation Matters, run under the hashtag #SWRepMatters on Twitter, is focusing on the representation of women in that galaxy far far away. For me, this conversation is difficult to divorce from romance, because … Continue reading

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#RebelsRemembered – Five Superb Qualities of the Show

March 5th is the anniversary of the finale of Star Wars Rebels. In celebration of that, I have a list of five superb qualities about this beloved show.

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The Complimentary Arcs of Jurassic Park

With four out of five installments running as big-budget monster B-movies, it can be easy to forget how much of a character-focused story the first Jurassic Park was (the movie that is, not Crichton’s original novel). As a kid, I enjoyed it … Continue reading

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Leonard McCoy: The Mom Friend

Back in 2016, when I rewatched Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek: Into Darkness in anticipation for the Blu-Ray/DVD release of Star Trek: Beyond, I began noticing parallels between scenes in the first two Kelvin timeline films and Beyond. Parallels … Continue reading

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The Flood (Definitive Edition) – FROM THE ARCHIVES

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON THE OLD HALO ARCHIVE, MARCH 2015 Reposted without edits, save navigational issues. Review and analysis of Halo: The Flood by William C. Dietz The Flood (The Definitive Edition) by William C. Dietz Here lie the events that will … Continue reading

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