Reading Program

A while ago, I had begun working on a “list essay” to submit to a magazine.

Essentially, the submission needed to be a creative non-fiction piece told through some sort of list. As a student of library science, I decided to create a reading program with events, books, all that jazz

Unfortunately, I missed the deadline, and the essay was lost to sea of writing projects on my computer.

I recently rediscovered it and decided I actually really liked it, and I didn’t want to see it remain incomplete, so I decided to post it here as an excuse to explore my growth as a reader while also practicing skills I learned as an MLIS student by designing personalized library reading programs.

FIRST Robotics Community-Wide Read – A program based around the FIRST Robotics Regional in my hometown. This was a final project in one of my MLIS courses.

Take a BITE out of a Book – A program based around my transition as a primarily non-fiction reader to a fiction reader as well. This covers a good portion of my elementary school years, and even overlapping into some of my middle school reading.