“Twin Suns” Close Read

The best stories encourage exploration. This iconic episode of Star Wars Rebels is no exception. So let’s take some deep dives into Star Wars lore, filmmaking techniques, and literary themes. Welcome to the “Twin Suns” Close Read.

Part 1 – Cold Opening

“Always remember… I am nothing.” All the themes of Maul’s life are coming together in this fateful encounter.

Part 2 – Atollon

Ezra isn’t being stubborn for arrogance’ sake. He’s responding out of an over-inflated sense of responsibility.

Part 3 – Departure and Arrival

Ezra finds himself on a Hero’s Journey, but it’s the wrong one. It’s one where Maul has carefully crafted every detail to fit his own goals.

Part 4 – Tatooine

Maul’s constructed, false Journey for Ezra continues, but Ezra’s experiences start to match someone else. Also: our first interpretation of the suns’ symbolism.

Part 5 – Fireside Chats

Our three leads have finally come together, two legends and one legend-to-be, and it’s all about purpose and relationships.

Part 6 – Overtime: Sudden Death

Kurosawa, camera cheats, and old wounds. How the briefest of lightsaber fights tells a story all on its own.

Part 7 – It All Comes Down To This

Knighthood was bestowed upon Obi-Wan after violently defeating Maul on Naboo. Now immortality is made his by following the example of the pacifist Duchess Satine Kryze.

Part 8 – Sympathy for the Devil

To be released…


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