“Human Weakness” Game

In February of 2015, between grad school classes, I did some research into how to create games using the Python coding language. I chose to develop a short text-based game on the Halo Evolutions short story “Human Weakness.”

Early iterations of this game and learning of Python code were created with the guidance of Invent You Own Computer Games with Python, 2nd Edition, namely the choice-based adventure exercise and the number guess exercise.

Iteration 1.1 was a practice in developing descriptors and displaying consequences of choices through the if/else statement. It was also a practice in using the time.sleep() function for pacing in storytelling.

Iteration 1.2 was a practice in combining the if/elif/else statement with a while loop.

This was an exploration in coding techniques, but also game development techniques as well as good practices, such as leaving comments in the code, developing flowcharts, and troubleshooting code errors. Below is a flowchart created in the planning stage for Iteration 1.2, though slight alterations had been made to the math in the gameplay in order to shorten the game’s length and ensure that the game could be beaten. The math was altered based on playtesting.

HW Iteration 1.2 Flowchart

(click here to see full-size)